Dr. David Kline

I have it too.

I have the hand condition known as Dupuytren’s contracture. I have had it treated with needle aponevrotomy by Dr. Lermusiaux in France, and also trained there with him, Dr. Lellouche, and the other doctors at Lariboisiere Hospital who perform this technique on a daily basis. I would like to help bring this procedure into common use in the United States.

of Fingers Treated
Years of Use in France
Incisions, Stitches, Scars, Pain, or Rehab


I returned to Paris to train with Dr. Lermusiaux, Dr. Lellouche, and all the other doctors who offer NA to their patients at Lariboisiere Hospital. I am very pleased to be able to offer this procedure to you.


Dr. Kline before NA in the waiting room at Dr. Lermusiaux’s office in Gagny, France.

I am a board certified Emergency Room physician practicing medicine near Boise, Idaho. I do many invasive procedures in the ER, including hand procedures. When I first started developing symptoms of Dupuytren’s contracture in my little fingers, I went to see two different local hand surgeons. I was given the standard advice that nothing could be done until the disease progressed and my contractures were more severe. The treatment would be surgery involving 3-4 months of intense rehab afterwards and not being able to use my hands during that time. I waited for things to get worse.


Dr. Kline about 2 hours after the NA treatment by Dr Lermusiaux, seeing the sights in Paris!

In the meantime, as I watched my little fingers gradually draw down, every day use – such as putting my hands in my pockets, putting them flat on a table, swimming laps, playing my guitar or shaking hands – become more and more difficult. I began reading all that I could about Dupuytren’s condition and stumbled across a website on needle aponevrotomy (NA). I read about this technique with great interest; needle aponevrotomy had not even been mentioned by the 2 hand surgeons who had examined my hands. After much research of the current medical literature and after contacting other Dupuytren’s patients who all had excellent results after having NA on their hands – including a Pediatric Neurosurgeon – I decided not to wait for my hands to deteriorate further. I made the trip over to Paris in 2002 to be treated by Dr Lermusiaux.


Dr. Lermusiaux also enjoys painting – some of his work hangs in his office.

I was, of course, somewhat nervous. I had the same questions you probably have now: if this procedure is as great as every one says, why aren’t US physicians offering this to their patients? was it going to hurt? how would my hands be afterwards? would I have complications? But as anyone who has this condition will understand, I was also very anxious to get back full use of my hands so I went through with my appointment. In a short 15 minute procedure, Dr Lermusiaux released my contractures and erased the previous 10 years of discomfort and worry that I had suffered. I was absolutely astounded! Immediately my fingers were straight and functional again. I knew this was something I had to help bring back to patients in the United States.